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Zack had been quiet, for a little bit, and Zack being quiet... always seemed so unnatural. True, this was in part because Angeal was no longer a part of the network they'd been on, but it had been a couple weeks since he'd spoken with Angeal personally, as well.

Knowing that Zack had been in quite the state, a couple of weeks ago, and then being faced with this silence, after the argument on the stairs... Angeal decided to pay him another visit. As staunchly as Zack had refused to tell him what was wrong, it would probably be best not to prod at that particular subject, again. At least not anytime soon.

Not that Angeal didn't wonder what had happened with his student, but... well, if it was something that Zack would rather be left private -- and felt THIS strongly about, that he'd forgo hearing answers he'd long been wishing for -- then Angeal had no right to keep prodding. He just worried that Zack might be pushing himself too hard. First the incident with the Master, and now... whatever this was. He wasn't wrong for wanting Zack to talk to him. But he had been wrong for trying to force his hand.

Keeping that in mind, Angeal reached the door of Zack's home, knocking and waiting to be bowled over by a very large canine.

Jan. 16th, 2011

The short message requesting Angeal's presence in Midgar had been concerning. Every version of Gen whom Angeal had ever known had always been the talkative sort, prone to long-winded bouts of epic poetry and descriptive assessments. So when the version of Genesis whose children were Angeal's godchildren had contacted him, with such a short, vague message, it had sounded... wrong. Urgent and... possibly deadly, knowing the sorts of situations the ex-1sts were often faced with.

The location was unusual, as well. Old Midgar, and in a part of it which was far away from most civilization. Again, that rang disturbing warning bells in Angeal's mind. Genesis always wanted comfort and civilization. Angeal remembered fondly, their arguments about having moved to the city, and Genesis wanting to leave the ways of the country behind them. This wasn't exactly an invitation to Loveless, or to a cafe, or to any other place Genesis might normally frequent. In fact, considering how out-of-the-way the location was, it could very possibly be Genesis' idea of a good place to fight, or hide.

Finally spotting his friend, Angeal carefully descended from the air, to meet him. White wings -- one smaller than the other -- twitched slightly with tension. Immediately, he shot a questioning, concerned look towards the red-head. What was wrong? What had happened?
Angeal... is in a bit of a quandary. "Does anyone know where I could purchase faded, iron-colored roofing shingles, in this Nexus? Preferably at discount?"
Genesis: There is a serene aura about this crimson ex-general, as he excitedly latched unto Angeal’s arm, guiding him down the fluorescent-lighted hall of the hospital wing. Nurses and doctors passed by with notice of the two, but were wisely silent in saying anything about it - Genesis wasn’t someone to be messed with, and even so now that he has kids.

“They are the most precious little angels you will ever see, Angeal…” he went on, for the tenth time today, apparently. It’s been days, and he was still excited over them. He vaguely wondered how they’d be when they were a little older. Patients and waiting families cast the duo a curious look upon entering another pocket of the hall, before Genesis continued on to an appointed doctor, bowing gently.

“Good day, doctor.” he greeted en point, remembering to loosen his arm from Angeal’s. “Is Kas here today?” Kassandra was their specialist doctor, in cognitive psychology..
The well-known doctor shook his head, giving a knowing smile. “Not today. She was assigned another isle, for the rest of the day. Would you like to see them?”
Genesis didn’t even have to nod, before he tugged on Angeal’s elbow, heading towards a reinforced door, the lighting on the other side dim and barely audible.


It had been some time, Angeal reflected, since the new unLOLed Nexus tea shop had started business. It looked quite quaint, and the surroundings reminded him of Gen's home, in Banora, before the town had been bombed. He didn't really feel like tea, at the moment, so he ordered a coffee instead, and sat in the courtyard outside, watching the passersby.

One such passersby, a young Sephiroth, wandered past, trying to take in the sights of the nexus, to understand it. What should he expect, here? Where were the best places for defensive battles? The worst?

Angeal smiled. "Seph." It's said quietly, but loudly enough that, if he has enhanced hearing, this Seph could pick it up.

Sep. 9th, 2009

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No one's hiding. Calm down. We're just not on the same site, anymore.


To all the people in Brawl: This is Lividun, Angeal's mun. I was purged from Brawl, a while ago. If you wanna keep RPing with me, that's awesome, but don't friend me, expecting to be on Brawl, 'k? Because I don't RP often enough to fulfill their requirements, anymore... ^^;;;;;;
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As much as I could, considering you're in the next room.

OOC Log: Genesis' Birthday Party

The room was all set for a small party to take place. There was a red and burgundy "Happy Birthday, Genesis!" banner, and a few ribbony bows had been distributed, along the walls and ceiling. The red velvet cake was iced with the >|< symbol, and was surrounded in the poetic Loveless act summaries (in red), which spiraled around the cake, down the sides, until nearly reaching the bottom.

Silverware, plates and champagne were at the ready (Angeal, being cheap, still wanted to mark this as an important occasion) and Angeal was trying to make Sephiroth feel more at ease with the concept of parties, while they waited for Genesis to arrive.